About Pub

About pub
Sova Pub is a cosy modern pub with warm-hearted atmosphere and high level of service. The pricing policy is rather moderate and aimed at a quite wide range of potential visitors. Guests are offered two individual rooms where up to 120 guests can be seated, and a VIP-room for a group up to ten people. Professional chefs of the pub specialise in European and Ukrainian home cuisine: satisfying and incredibly tasty chicken and pork klopsiki (boiled balls) in honey and mustard or sour and sweet sauce, tender spareribs in wine sauce with racy earthy flavour will be appraised by the fussiest eaters. In addition to a great variety of always fresh draught beer, you can enjoy good whiskey, maturated cognac or authentic taste of sophisticated wine. Owing to pleasant music, delicious food and friendly staff our pub is perfect both for a romantic evening and a great festive occasion.
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